Have More Fun With a Frozen Margarita Machine

partyYou’re sitting on the terrace watching the shadows lengthen on a balmy summer afternoon with a group of friends. What’s wrong with this picture? You need a cocktail! Summer is the ultimate frozen cocktail time, and whether you’re a regular sunbather or a frequent party-thrower, you should consider getting a frozen margarita machine.


Less Mixing, More Mingling

Anyone can make a frozen margarita in a blender, but a margarita machine makes it a lot easier to serve to a crowd. Margarita mixes usually come in huge containers, and if you’re mixing in a blender, you have to measure the servings out one by one. It’s much more convenient to just dump the whole thing into a margarita machine and turn on the switch.

With a machine, you can spend more time having fun at your own party. frozen margaritaNot only can you relax and enjoy yourself more with your host or hostess duties relieved, you can also keep an eye on the crowd. If your guests start getting too boisterous, do like a bartender does and thin out the mix a little. It’ll also keep your partygoers safer as they drive home. A frozen margarita machine helps you be a better host or hostess; when you can keep your eyes off the bar, you can keep your eyes on your guests.

Anytime and Anywhere

If you think your home is too small, or your parties too infrequent, to warrant getting a frozen margarita machine, you might be surprised. The machines belonging to the latest generation designed for home use are versatile enough to use for a single serving. You don’t have to measure out the mix every time either – just pour the mix into the machine, and let the machine decide how much to use for each glass.

A frozen margarita machine designed for home use is light enough to bring to other events as well, and even if you only use it to make three months out of the year, you’ll get plenty of use out of it. After all, people only use their Christmas decorations one month every year. One of these machines can make your summer so much more enjoyable that it’s worth every penny.

Hundreds of Drink Options

What if you’re just not a frozen margarita drinker? These machines can be used as multipurpose frozen drink machines. Although they’re specially designed to measure margarita mix and ice, you can use them without alcohol for virgin margaritas, or with your own homemade margarita mix. Try them with powdered drink mix for a kid’s slushie, or with fruit juice for a healthier alternative. Soda water, flavored syrup, and half-and-half make Italian cream sodas. Make iced coffee or tea drinks in a snap. Use flavored ice cubes for a whole new twist. A frozen margarita machine isn’t just a one-trick pony. It has enough tricks to keep the whole family – maybe even the whole neighborhood – cool and refreshed all summer.