Want to Make Your Own Delicious Frozen Margarita?

Summer hasn’t started until you’ve had a frozen margarita while sitting by the pool. It’s the official kick-off drink of the season, and summer parties and BBQs just wouldn’t be the same without it. There are lots of pre-made frozen margarita mixes available, but why not try making your own? It only takes a little time and creativity, and the end result is not only fresher and tastier, it’s much more impressive. You only need a few basic ingredients and an imagination.

Step One: Fun

If it doesn’t have tequila, it’s not a margarita. You don’t have to use top-shelf liquor, though, and with frozen margaritas you really shouldn’t because it’ll be overwhelmed with other flavors. Second-shelf liquor is OK, but don’t go any lower than that. If you’re making a pure classic frozen margarita with no mixes, though, spring for the best available.

Next, choose a flavored liqueur. Purists swear by Cointreau, but again, since it’s going to be sweet and frozen, the difference between Cointreau and another triple sec is nil. If you really want to experiment, forgo the orange liqueur entirely and try a schnapps in different citrus flavor or raspberry, peach, pomegranate‚Ķ Just be aware that no one likes a peppermint frozen margarita!

Step Two: Flavor

Here’s where it starts to get fun. Look around your refrigerator. What fruity stuff do you have? Use it. A classic frozen margarita needs lime juice, but other citrus, peach, and pomegranate juices can be great, depending on the flavored liqueur you’re using. Try a blend of juices, or add ginger ale or another simple flavored soda for a surprising twist. You can even make your own syrups on the stovetop.

Real fruit juices usually need to be sweetened. Simple syrup is best (and easy to make), but other liquid sweeteners and extra fine sugar are OK too. You can use table sugar, but you’ll need to blend well.

Step Three: Form

You’ll need about 1/2 cup of small ice cubes, or three large ice cubes, for each margarita. Adding diced fruit is optional, but it really helps thicken up a frozen margarita, and it adds a great, creamy texture. Mango and strawberry are very popular, and kiwi, banana, berries, or any other soft fruit that complements your flavored liqueur are great too. Think about whether you’d enjoy your combination in a fruit salad. Yes? Then you’re good to go.


The golden rule for mixing margaritas is 7 parts tequila, 4 parts flavored liqueur, and 3 parts juice. This all depends on your flavors, though. It’s best to blend for flavor and not for strength. You can always add just a splash more liquor, but it’s difficult to blend just a few more berries. Don’t forget about garnishes! A simple slice of fruit is all that’s needed to make the perfect frozen margarita.