Margaritaville DM900 – Awesome Battery Powered Frozen Drink Machine!

Frozen drinks are one of the most time-honored hallmarks of summer. From back in the day when they used to carry huge blocks of ice home in a buggy and store them in a cellar full of hay to keep them cool, ice has been somewhat of a luxury. Nowadays we can have our frozen margaritas and frozen daiquiris and mudslides and slushies and whatnot pretty much anywhere we please. Our only restriction is access to an electrical outlet.

Well, that’s no good because another hallmark of summer is doing stuff outdoors. Camping, softball games, beach stuff, you name it. It’s not always possible to park your car beside you to use its battery, and they haven’t caught on to building electrical outlets in the middle of the beach yet. Solution? Battery-operated frozen margarita maker! The Margaritaville DM900 is a battery-powered machine that you can use just about anywhere to make any kind of frozen drinks. I really didn’t have any idea that such a thing existed, but it does, and it exceeds any expectations that you might have about a battery-operated beverage maker.

Best power tool in your summer fun tool belt

The Margaritaville DM900 Explorer is a combination ice shaver and blender that runs on an 18-volt rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery. Regardless of the power source, it makes frozen drinks just as perfectly as the other, plug-in models in the Margaritaville line. And it’s a lot better than a blender because it has two specialized motors and blades – one for ice, one for drinks – that produce a creamy drink rather than a chunky, chewy, icy one. There are so many reasons why this “frozen concoction maker” is a must-have for your road trip, but here are a few of my favorite features:

  • The battery lasts a really long time, and it powers the motors just as strongly as a plug-in model.
  • The body is durable and designed for travel. Not a lot of parts that could be broken off.
  • It’s so, so easy to use. If you can read a line on a measuring cup, you can use this machine.
  • The drink quality is superb. It’s really impressive what a difference shaved ice can make over blended

Battery keeps going and going

Margaritaville dm900 batteryYou might have some 18-volt power tools lying around the house. If you do, you know that an 18-volt battery on, say, a drill generally lasts about 20-30 minutes, and that’s only if you have the latest generation of smart batteries. So you might think that the Margaritaville Explorer, with not one but two motors to run, could only make two or three pitchers before giving out. Not so! The battery is surprisingly long lasting. One batch makes 36 ounces, and depending on what you’re making, you can get up to 20 batches out of one charge. That’s for margaritas; for frozen daiquiris with fruit, the motor will have to work harder, but you’ll still get dozens of drinks before it dies. Just make sure to read the instructions with the battery, and don’t leave it sitting in the charger after it has reached full-charge, or else you can reduce its effective life span.

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Designed to bear the wear and tear

For the margarita maker in your home, you want something sleek and shiny with lots of metal and glass and a nice design. But if you’re on the go, the only thing that matters is, “Will it be OK if I accidentally throw the tent on top of it in the trunk?” The Margaritaville DM900 is made of hard, durable plastic with lots of soft rubber around the edges and a shatter-resistant plastic jar. The base is wide and sturdy too, so it won’t tip over easily. Take it on the boat!

I wouldn’t bring it on the Appalachian Trail, but I’d feel comfortable letting my kids carry it in a bag down to the lake. There are replacement pitchers available too for pretty cheap, just in case. You can get a special Margaritaville bag or a hard case to carry this around in, but unless you’re doing some really tough hiking, a regular canvas bag is fine. The bag they sell is convenient because it’s made to fit all the parts.

Simplest possible way to use it

The Margaritaville machines all use pretty much the same system, and the DM900 Explorer is no exception. There’s a large ice reservoir at the top. Dump a bunch of ice into it. Don’t worry about the ice melting; melted ice gets siphoned off into a separate reservoir. Measure mix for the number of drinks you want into the pitcher. Throw in some fruit if you’d like (but run the blend-only option for a minute before you start the cycle). Select the number of drinks you want – one, two, or three – and start it up. It’s really cool to watch, at least the first few times. The ice shaver collects ice from the reservoir and shaves it into tiny, perfect snowflakes, and dumps them into the pitcher. The pitcher blends the mix and the ice, pauses a bit, and blends again for perfect consistency. This takes only minutes, and then you have 36 ounces of frosty, frozen margarita bliss.

But what are the drinks like?

If you’ve ordered a frozen margarita at a large restaurant, you’ve probably had a drink from a commercial machine that makes gallons and gallons at a time. If you’ve ordered one at a small restaurant, though, you might have already had a Margaritaville frozen margarita. Could you tell the difference? The Margaritaville Explorer concocts a drink that’s practically the same as a commercial drink. You’re not going to be able to make 100 drinks that all taste identical, but once you’ve got the measuring down, you’re going to have very consistent, very tasty frozen drinks, every time.

What does everyone else think?

Everyone else loves this thing! The DM900 gets five out of five stars at Amazon, Best Buy, Tiger Direct, and other online retailers. People are always surprised to find that the machine really works as well as it does, and the Explorer has traveled just about everywhere.

  • “Me and my wife sit in the front yard drinking margaritas while the kids play.”
  • “Had a party the other day and everyone was amazed by it and loved the quality of the margaritas.”
  • “I can take it to my boat, camping or even just out on the deck!”
  • “Well this lovely little (OK not so little) appliance has made the pontoon boat officially into the party boat.”
  • “We have brought out on the boat and camping in the summer and to tailgate parties all year long.”
  • “We spent a weekend camping on the beach and it was really great to pull out the maker and have frozen margaritas right there on the beach.”
  • “One charge lasted us numerous camping trips, including 4th of July where we made quite a few while on the lake for the fireworks.”

You like frozen drinks, you like being outdoors, why not have frozen drinks outdoors with a battery-powered margarita maker? If customer experiences are anything to go by, you won’t be sorry.

Where can you get it?

We highly recommend Amazon since they have a fantastic reputation for accepting returns that customers are not happy with, keep their prices low, and offer FREE SHIPPING.

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