Daiquiri Machines Make the Party!

When someone says “daiquiri machine“, do you automatically think of those huge Laundromat-style machines at tropical bars? Well believe it or not, there are some really great daiquiri machines designed to be used at home that will produce a restaurant-quality daiquiri starting at 1/8 the cost of renting one. Here are the top ten reasons why you need a daiquiri machine.

Daiquiri & Margarita machine1. They’re fast. Even if you’re already at the restaurant, you know how long it takes from being seated to actually getting your order, never mind paying the check. With a daiquiri machine, your daiquiri is ready in three minutes flat.

2. They’re convenient. Want a daiquiri but you’re already in your pajamas? (Or maybe you never got out of your pajamas today?) Have one now. No clothes or contacts or keys necessary.

3. They’re totally customizable. Want your daq slushier? Creamier? Stronger? Weaker? With extra fruit? With different fruit, you crazy animal? Have it your way, with no need to worry the waiter.

4. They’re cheap. You can find blenders made specifically for frozen drinks for as low as $20, and unless you have an advanced blender with an insulated pitcher and ice-shaving blades, it’ll be a genuine improvement over what you’ve already got.

5. They’re versatile. They’re not just for daq’s. A daiquiri machine can make margaritas, mudslides, smoothies, slurpies, frappuccinos, and pretty much any other kind of iced drink.

6. They’re great for kids. No one really knows why, but kids love shaved ice. Make some in your daq machine and give it to them, and they’ll be happy.

7. They’re great for parties. When’s the last time you went to party with a daiquiri machine and didn’t have fun? Yeah, thought so.

8. They’re fun. You can experiment all day long to find the perfect blend of tastes and textures and strengths, which you would have a hard time convincing a restaurant staff to let you do on the bar’s machines. Maybe you’ll invent the next magic frozen drink and a certain coffee company will buy the rights from you. Then you can retire and someone else can make your daq’s for you.

9. They’re easy to take care of. Most, if not all, pieces of your frozen drink machine are dishwasher safe. If you rinse it out every time you use it, you’ll only need a warm soapy bath every few uses.

10. They’re really cool. Really, having anything that not everyone has is cool. Remember when you were in your first apartment by yourself and thought that people who had washing machines were cool? A daiquiri machine is going to evoke the same feelings of envy from your friends. Be a dear and let them borrow it for parties, will you?